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ABOUT Team andi


TEAM ANDI has been an Official Charity Partner of the TCS NYC Marathon for the past 6 years. TEAM ANDI runners support Mount Sinai Hospitals Neo-Intensive Care Unit, NICU. Andi Knepper was born 7 years ago, weighing only 2 pounds. She lived in the NICU for 3 months, the nurses and doctors brought Andi to life. As a parent, I had to leave her nightly not knowing if she was going to make it through the night. Andi has an older brother Eli. Eli was only 19 months when Andi surprised us with her arrival and he needed Mommy too. Leaving her every day made bonding very hard.   

Mount Sinai Hospital sits on mile 23 of the TCS NYC Marathon course, at the peak of 5th Avenues hill before entering Central Park. Three floors up, the littlest and weakest athletes are fighting for survival while we runners are running to finish our marathon. There is always a large TEAM ANDI cheering section in front of the hospital filled with doctors and nurses in their scrubs ringing TEAM ANDI cow bells, T-shirts, hats and signs (check out our gallery and shop!).  

I've run 13 NYC, 3 Chicago, 3 Boston, 1 Rome, 1 Prague and 1 London marathons. I have 22 marathons of experience ahead of running this year’s 2019 TCS NYC Marathon. I create a 4 month training schedule for each runner, ranging from beginner to experienced. The team meets for long training runs throughout the training season, we have massage therapists look at our bodies and muscles to make sure everything is firing pre-race. We attend the EXPO together, have a police escorted PRIVATE BUS to the start, and have a celebration for friends and family after the race. TEAM ANDI also walks in the TCS NYC Opening Ceremonies parade in Central Park on Friday evening before the fireworks show over the park. The team really bonds and has a great marathon experience.  

The minimum fund raising commitment is $4,000. Runners will each have their own Mount Sinai Fundraising page within TEAM ANDI's team page, to solicit support from friends and family. TEAM ANDI also supplies a promotional video which clearly explains where funds go. The past teams have raised enough money to create TEAM ANDI's two rooms—the first room is at Mount Sinai East on the marathon course at 5th Avenue and 100th Street and the second recently opened and is at Mount Sinai West on 10th Avenue and 57th Street. we are now supporting the NICU and its nurses, doctors, and current families.  

Please consider running with us - WE HAVE A BLAST!!

For instructions on how to join Team Andi and create your own fundraising page, please click here